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Modern Apartment Complex

Apartment Locating Services

Best part of being one of my clients in the Houston area gives you the perks of receiving a  $200 Cahback Rebate or FREE Movers!!! 

1.Fill out the New Client Form on my website home page.

2. Have a quick call to discuss options.

3. I'll make you a list and text you when I've sent it over via email.

4. Review & get back to me within 1 day with your top 3 picks so I can schedule a tour date.

5. After tour I'll check in to see what apartment you want to apply too so I can let the property know, when you apply put me as your Apartment Locator and the name of my Brokerage

 "Sinnette Richards w/ JPAR-The Sears Group"

6. I will email you the IABS Form once you are approved, fill out & send back!!!

7. Text me your Unit#, Base rent, application date, lease term, & Move in date.

(This is so I can Verify to the apartments that you are my client so they can finish the transaction)

8. Once I have conformation from your apartment stating you put me as your Apartment Locator, you will then have the option to get FREE movers or receive $200 cash rebate.

9. Last but not least give me a review or shout out on social media & tag me; move in & enjoy your new home.

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