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About Me

My Story

Sinnette Richards is young, hungry, and driven. She has 3 degrees (Process Technology, Chemical engineering, &  Instrumentation) by the age of 24. She has 16 siblings going and grew up in Texas and Arizona.  This background and environment was very unique. She's learned to be adaptable, strong working/ minded, compassionate, nurturing, but also never giving up, and breaking the cycle of those before her. She was a operator at Exxon in Baytown Texas and ( Like many others) realized her ambition was too massive for a company making $4 Million+ a day while paying the bare minimum. She lives to help improve others, not stopping until you get what you deserve. Real estate is the key to financial freedom. Sinnette strongly believes knowledge is power. Educating and guiding her clients is the best efficient way to help you reach your real estate goals.  

Let’s Reach Your Real Estate Goals Together!

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